Kardashian Fashion

If there’s one thing we admire about the Kardashian sisters, it’s that they always are strutting their stuff in killer high heels.  We only wish those heels were some Mallory Musante Pumps!

We’ve shown you how to steal the look of the sisters—and to pair the looks with some of our favorite MMS options.

Khloe is keeping things simple with a simple deep-v.  We’ve chosen an option from Old Navy (You might remember this dress from when we stole Kate Middleton’s look – we just found the dress to be super versatile!)  If your dress it that simple, go ahead and have some fun with your shoes!  With a white base and red, black, and gold brush strokes, these Natalia heels will attract a lot of wanted attention.

Kim looks super sexy in her form fitting bodycon dress.  Our version, from Bebe, has some great black side paneling.  Keep the outfit edgy with a pair of Brandi pumps with some studding detail.

Kourtney is taking note of the super popular maxi dress and tribal-inspired prints.  Our dress from Kohl’s is a great affordable option.  We’ve paired it with a great pair of dark grey heels, Raina.  The pumps have a pewter detail that will pick up the embellishment on the chest of the dress.

The Kardashian sisters know how to rock heels with any style and that’s a skill we should all have!

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