Day & Night – Eva

We know that our shoes are bold and, sometimes, you might have trouble picturing them as shoes that can be – and should be! – rocked both day and night. So we’ve taken one pair of our bold and beautiful shoes, Eva, and shown you how to wear them both before and after the sun goes down.

For our day look, we’ve taken a cardigan from Old Navy.  The sequins on the front are fun enough to add a little sparkle, but the color is subdued enough for the day time.  Paired with a pair of jeans from American Eagle and a great pair of gold dangle earrings, also from Old Navy, the outfit is complete.  Make sure to keep the jeans medium wash or darker.  Anything too light won’t look right with such a dramatic and dark shoe.

When switching over to night time, we’ve glammed up the outfit with a little more sparkle.  With a black sequin top and skinny denim leggings from Kohl’s and a glitzy rhinestone bracelet from American Eagle, the metallic gold detail on the pumps pops.  The dark contrast is a great way to draw attention to the details.

We’re firm believers that our heels look great, no matter when or where you wear them.  All you have to do is balance out the bold designs for the day and amp up the style at night.

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